Perpetual Profession and Eremitic Consecration

Feast of The Assumption of Mary
August 15, 2010
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Prince George, BC

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My soul proclaims 
the greatness 
of the Lord,
and my spirit rejoices 
in God, my Savior,

For He has looked
with favor
on His servant,
therefore all ages
will call me blessed.

Examination of the Candidate -  Litany of the Saints
For the Mighty One has done great things for me, 

All Holy Men and Women Pray for us
Holy is His Name


Pronouncing the Formula of Profession
According to my Rule of Life as a hermit
     God, Loving Father,
you have called me
to relive in myself
the Mystery of Jesus,
your Well-Beloved Son,
and to be His 
living memorial,
and under the inspiration
of the Holy Spirit,
to radiate on the world
the light of your Love,
shining on the face 
of your Christ, 
the Savior of the world.

     To perfect in myself the union with the mystery of the death and resurrection of Christ, began in baptism, to glorify your name, and for the redemption of humanity, I wish to confirm my first consecration by a New Covenant embracing trust as the way of living.

     Thus, in communion with the whole Church, I ... vow to God and into your hands, Bishop Gerald William Wiesner, OMI, to live perpetually in poverty, chastity, and obedience according to my Rule of Life as a hermit.

   I trust in your mercy, O my Lord, with the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, St. Joseph, and all the angels and saints to remain faithful to this Covenant, which I seal with joy in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Solemn Prayer of Consecration -
Signing of the Document of Profession

     Loving Father and Source of all Life,
look with favor on your servant ...  You inspire her in these vows and she gives You her heart.
     Through the Gift of your Spirit, give her right judgment, kindness and true wisdom, gentleness with strength of character, freedom and the warmth of love, to love You above all others.
    May she give You glory by holiness of action and purity of heart. 
    May she love You and trust You. May she love You and serve You.
    Be Yourself her glory, her joy, her whole desire. 
    Be her comfort in sorrow, 
          her wisdom in perplexity,
               her protection in the midst of injustice,
                    her patience in adversity,
                         her riches in poverty,
                              her food in fasting,
                                  her remedy in times of sickness.
    Sister has chosen You above all things; may she find all things in possessing You. 

The insignia of Profession: Prayer Garment - Ring

     The Mantle or Cowl is a traditional prayer garb that hermits and monastics have worn since the early centuries of the Church. It is usually donned at the time of perpetual vows, and used especially for solemn and liturgical prayer. A mantle is part of the habit of the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer, the Redemptoristine Nuns, which is Sister's religious tradition. The white color represents purity and simplicity and is traditionally used by hermits (Carthusians, Camaldolese, Carmelite cape, etc.). It also symbolizes the "white martyrdom" of the eremitic lifestyle which entails the total offering of self to God in union with Christ's Paschal Sacrifice.

     The Ring, a simple wedding band, is well known as a symbol for the spousal covenant. 

Sister's family presenting the gifts   -                                                                          
                                                                          The Covenant is consummated in Holy Communion

Thanksgiving offered to God in Christ  ....

And a heart filled with gratitude, like Mary, expressed in words of thanks to so many who have helped this day come to fruition.

The deepest gratitude is to the God of Surprises who initiated and sustained the long Journey, the One who is always near us making it possible for us to reach our destination.  

The Peace of God beyond understanding
be with us all!

Emblem expressing the spirituality
of Diocesan Hermit Sister:

Mary is the cup of Christ's Blood
in the Mystery of Redemption.
Like Mary, this Diocesan Hermit Sister is called to be
a "Living Memory of the Paschal Mystery of Christ the Redeemer"
and a "Living Eucharist for the world"

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